Three things I'm really glad to be avoiding this week

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday August 24, 2008.

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1. Starting school

Don’t get me too wrong here; I like school. I like the atmosphere and the cool new buildings that have gone up on the UNR campus and the idea that you’re learning simply to learn (which is how I always approached it). I also like that football season is beginning tis week. But the feeling when you’re in school that you are never actually finished with anything used to drive me nuts.

At work, you might have some projects that are long-term, but when you decide to go home for the day, they wait until tomorrow and you can eat dinner peacefully and hang out. With school, I always felt like whatever I was doing that was not directly related to school was a waste, and I didn’t like that at all. So yes, I am very glad I’m not starting school this week.

2. Going to Burning Man

I tend to make a lot of fun of Burning Man people, and have thoroughly enjoyed stories like this with the total irony that the idea of Burning Man clashes with the execution of Burning Man. Yeah, go figure. Also, there was this guy.

And speaking of irony, how about a counter culture festival that the local rag calls possibly the largest party in the world. The article was thorough, except for the non-mention of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party where somewhere near 90,000 people show up. Does the RGJ have anyone who attended either Georgia or Florida to set the record straight? I know the answer to that.

But back to why I am glad I’m not there. The biggest reason, besides not really wanting to be a part of such a ridiculous dichotomy, I really would hate that much dirt and drugs. Not for me at all. So count me among those in town that will be happy when next weekend passes by and the retarded motor homes painted like rainbows disappear for another 51 weeks.

3. The Democratic (and upcoming Republican) Convention

If there’s anything I dislike more than stoners and dirty people, it’s politicians and the people who worship them. My God, could there be a worse place than the Convention? Who actually wants to go there for any reason other than to find things to mock?

I have to say that I really don’t like the direction that blogging is going with respect to the conventions, either. More of the same to follow here. I hate that there have been a set number of blogs given credentials. One per state? Gee, wonder if they’ll be blogs who tend to, you know, love the particular parties handing the credentials out. Because what we need is more circle-jerking in politics. It’s slimy politicians surrounded by people who want to get paid by slimy politicians. Sounds awesome.

It’s basically just a vanity thing for just about every single reporter and every single blogger there. Do you really think anything newsworthy—really newsworthy—will happen there? Something that the other 15,000 journalists can’t handle. Hell, cut that number to 100 and you’d still be overdoing what actually comes out of the convention. Meanwhile, papers are floundering because readership is dropping, but travel budgets for the convention that literally every single other political reporter in the world is covering still exist. Point: missed.

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