Time to live up

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday June 8, 2007.

It’s been awhile. Awhile since I’ve been asked to come in and put my face back on TV. I’m looking forward to it, though. When someone needs a job, there are worse places for your face to be shown than as an “expert” on the news. Who’s hiring bloggers right now?

Enough of that. KREN has launched a page dedicated to the 2008 elections. Featured on the page are myself and Dullard Mush. I even get the extra billing as “Community Correspondent.” So I guess I have to talk politics now. That should scare the hell out of all the usual morons who run around on local blogs telling everyone else they’re idiots. Why? There’s not a whole lot of reactionary crap here. It’s pretty reflective and filled with actual thought, as opposed to the tripe thrown around by no-talent commenters.

So while I think of awesome things to say so that KREN’s click-throughers (and there have already been quite a few) aren’t completely disappointed, check out the last thing I wrote on politics. It’s my semi-official kickoff to the 2008 races. I still think it’s too early, but hey, I suppose I can only do better by knowing more and thinking about it.

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