Tonight's the Night*

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday February 21, 2005.

We’ve waited so long. And that long wait fosters great anticipation. But the night has finally come.

We cultivated the relationship for a long time. We had some good times, some tough times. We each had to do our share of work to make the relationship work. But the night has finally come.

I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control but I think I like it. At least, I think I will like it.

Tonight’s the night for me to try out the first completed batch of brew from my rejuvinated brewery. We’ve changed location, we’ve matured into more patient crafters of the fine concoction. And tonight we get to try out the stuff to see if we’re better at it, or if we’re just dumbasses who will certainly continue making the stuff, but with no hopes of ever having people tell us we’re good at it.

First, the setup. We have our fridge, located in the garage, approximately 50 feet from the house (a definite disadvantage over the previous garage which was attached). It currently contains the keg itself, a tank of carbon dioxide, a batch of an amber-like bock, which is currently lagering, and a 2×4 that serves no purpose other than to perhaps beat people on the head who are trying to get some brew by means other than lavishing praise upon the god-like brewmaster. There is also various tubing located in the fridge. Do not try to understand it; only the brewmaster knows what the tubing does, and he will not explaing to the layperson, as the layperson, by definition, will not understand.

Then, on the outside of the fridge, we have the tap handle. As you can see, it’s not all that interesting to just look at a tap handle, so I included myself in the picture for you. I figured you’d all rather look at me pouring beer as opposed to a boring old tap handle (feel free to kick down a little something for the brewery, and maybe get sponsorship credit).

Once the beer is poured, we get the happy brewmaster. Ignore all the foam. I really am able to pour a pitcher (used in this case due to the extraordinary distance between house and garage, as previously mentioned) but when the stuff is recently carbonated, it’s tough to regulate the foam and beer ratio. This stuff takes time, people.

Inside the house, the beer becomes a quick favorite among the drinkers. In fact, it tastes remarkably like a hefeweizen, which it is, so that’s great. It becomes a favorite so quickly, in fact, that nary a full glass can be found.

All in all, it was a great experience. The anticipation did not overhype the actual event, as so often is the case. The beer was good, the brewery is back in business, officially, and it appears that the brewmaster actually might have grown better than in previous experiences. Now if we could only figure out what to call the place. Any suggestions?

*It was really last night, but Christy made me watch some TV show or something with her before I could write, and as is too often the case when drinking one’s own homebrew, I got tired before I could write. You know how it is.

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