Top 5 sporting events I've attended

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday April 8, 2009.

Prompted by a discussion on Silver and Blue Sports I was inspired to write about my top five all-time sporting events I’ve attended. As I read through some of the really good ones, I realized my list was not nearly as cool as so many of them, but all of them have some great memories.

Here they are:

5. 2005 Nevada-Fresno State game at Mackay Stadium. I love the cold for football and that was a good one. Nichiren Flowers catching the touchdown in the south end zone, then Robert Hubbard taking a knee at the goal line was outstanding.

4. 2006 WAC title game at Lawlor Events Center. The USU-Nevada game was awesome, and when the wolf howl rang in near the end the place went nuts.

3. 2008 Dodgers-Red Sox preseason game at the LA Coliseum. Seeing baseball in the Coliseum was sweet. I caught a home run ball during BP, then lost it going after another one. Blake DeWitt homering off Jonathan Papelbon was great.

2. 2006 Battle in Seattle. Some Gonzaga toad sitting in our section started talking all kinds of smack when Fazekas fouled out, then wouldn’t look at anyone who was trying to razz him after Sessions and Ikovlev hit their threes to seal the deal.

1. 1985 Dodger Stadium – Valenzuela vs. Gooden. My first baseball game. We had annoying Mets fans (are there any other types of Mets fans) in front of us running their mouths in their NY accents about “seeing us in Octobah” after Gooden locked the Dodgers up and punched out 14 guys or something. Check the final standings from 1985, then pop off Mets fans.

There are some other honorable mentions, including several Dodgers-Giants games at AT&T Park in San Francisco. I got to see Jeff Kent get booed so loudly several times, but once he launched a 3-run home run over our heads in the left field bleachers. Watching Giants fans have aneurysms is awesome. I’ve also been able to see Barry Bonds hit some home runs in person, which is pretty cool no matter what your stance on the guy. I was also in attendance when he stole his 500th base. Man, remember when the Giants were competitive? But the most memorable Bonds moment was when I saw him, on the same day Hong-Chi Kuo tossed us a baseball, hit a 3-2 pitch about 550 feet into the water off of Kuo, who was a rookie at the time. It was an awesome at-bat and a great matchup.

Once we hit traffic on the Bay Bridge and missed the first four innings of Edwin Jackson-pitched 2-hit baseball. We considered skipping the game, in favor of heading to Berkley and watching USC-Cal, but the radio broadcast intrigued me as Jackson walked tons of guys but still owned the Giants. As we listened to the radio on the way home that day, USC fell in overtime to the Bears. I would have hated seeing that.

Anyway, if any of you have a memory to share, do it. Link to your spot in the comments or leave it there. I love hearing stuff like this

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