Trouble in the Press Box

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday July 7, 2006.

Looks like there was a bit of extra-curriculars last night at the Reno Silver Sox game.

Police reports were filed after the game when a dispute between San Diego manager Terry Kennedy and Reno public address announcer Mike Anthony ensued.

The confrontation arose in the eighth inning when Kennedy walked up the bleachers to the press box to confront Anthony. While Kennedy was waiting for Anthony to finish his announcement, Silver Sox officials tried to escort Kennedy out of the box, but Kennedy wasn’t budging.

Sox officials and Kennedy began arguing when Lancaster (I think they mean Kennedy) came up to show his displeasure with the announcing.

Anthony asked the fans to applaud San Diego’s Mike Maloney for striking out earlier in the game, because the fans received discount beverages when he did.

As Kennedy was leaving, he told officials he was going to press charges for having hands placed on him.

I heard Anthony on the radio and he said he really was unaware of the particulars of the incident. Anthony had just congratulated the “beer batter” of the evening for striking out earlier in the game, which I think means that fans get beers for $1.00 and sodas for $.50 for that inning. It’s a fun promotion because I have never in my life seen a crowd abuse one hitter so much in an at-bat as I did for the beer batter.

As for Kennedy – simmer down. It’s minor league baseball. Independent minor league ball at that. I’m just guessing here, but I’d figure there are beer batters all over the damn country in minor league parks, and I’m also pretty sure that fans and PA announcers appreciate it when that beer batter flames. What, does the guy have a fragile psyche? Also on Kennedy, it goes to show how much hitting has improved over the years when a guy like him can OPS around .700 for his career and last 14 years in the big leagues.

Mike Anthony seems like a cool guy. He hooked me up with a birthday announcement for Christy at a basketball game earlier this year, so I’ll make sure he gets his props. He’s pretty good at the baseball thing, too. His Harry Caray impression is hilarious. When he did it I swore it was Will Ferrell on tape, but it wasn’t, it was Mike.

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