A Tale of Two Prices

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday February 22, 2006.

Let’s rewind it back to the weekend. It was a long one. Christy and I both took Friday off. It was her birthday, there was a Pack baseball game against Nevada Southern (can a UNLV grad spell ‘sweep?’) and the ESPN Bracket Buster later in the evening. We needed to be prepared. And how cool is it that a woman will spend her birthday at not one, but two sporting events? Well, it didn’t work out perfectly, but that’s not the point. We skipped baseball (Rebels = dog food) and focused on getting everyone to the basketball game. And it was worth it.

Okay, enough. Sunday was the big night. For Valentine’s Day, I received two things: tickets to Oakenfold and a room in Tahoe. Sweet. Except. I had to work Sunday night. We do this occasional live call-in show, and I direct stuff, so I had to be there. Show is on the air at 6:00, it’s an hour long, show in Tahoe starts at 9:00. We can make it. Plus, seriously, when has a rave dj guy ever made the stage on time. So 9:00 was more like a guideline than a rule. Plus, there was an opening act. So we had time.

christy at our tableWe get there, settle in, and look for the bar. Christy wants a Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice for the uninitiated, like Ed) so I head over and order up. Drinks are pricy: $5.50 for a pretty chumpy cup with a lot of ice. But whatever. We kick it listening to the dj on the stage. We finish our drinks, sit there, and Christy wants another one. In the meantime, I had scoped out a bar behind me, which was closer by about 30 feet, but it was a major coup. Closer booze.

I survey my cash situation. I have just four dollars. I grab ten from Christy and head to the new, closer bar. I wait in line, order, and notice this dude is mixing them thick. He pours two shots into each glass, which is awesome. These drinks will rock. I’m ready. He looks at me and says, “Fifteen dollars.” “What?” “Fifteen dollars.” “But they were only $5.50 over there,” I say, pointing to the other bar. “It’s fifteen dollars.” I’m thinking to myself, shit, this sucks. me at our tableI act all cool, pull out my cash, and pretend I might just find an extra dollar. Nope. I tell the guy I can go back and get the cash. He gets pissy and asks how much I have. I tell him I have fourteen dollars. He gets more pissy and says it’s cool. Right then some girls asks me how much I need. I look at her like the complete moron I am and tell her I need one freaking dollar. The bartender is all, no, it’s fine. The girl insists on paying the dollar, I thank her profusely, and bail. They may actually still be fighting over it.

So, we finish drinks, and Christy wants more. I tell her that I’m too embarrassed to go, so she goes. This time, the line is really, really long. I keep looking over to the bar to see if she’s up there. Finally, I see her through the window, and she’s with my boy. She’s gone for about 20 minutes, and returns with a bucket. I ask what the hell is going on, and she tells me that if she was going to wait, she wasn’t going t go back. There are three drinks in the bucket, and one in her hand. Sweet. We’re set.

So we watch some more and continue drinking. Finally, I ask how the transaction at the bar went. Christy just laughs. Then she tells me that all four drinks, poured just like I had seen him do it, cost her $22. That bastard charged her $5.50 per drink. I stood there embarrassed for nothing but some bartender’s lame desire to make a few bucks. Plus, he got pissed about it. Did I look like a tool? Don’t answer that.

But the best part of the night was still to come. After finishing all the drinks, and with Oakenfold out on stage, I was enjoying the show, all 130 decibels of it. The sound system at Caesar’s leaves a little bit to be desired, as there were some parts of the music that just sounded like screeching. I’m pretty sure Oakenfold didn’t mean for it to sound like that. So anyway, it’s raging on, and I look over at Christy, and she’s asleep. Passed cold out. In the middle of a concert. Awesome. That was totally worth the embarrassment and couple of extra bucks.

some video from the show is here. It’s not that good, but somebody might dig it.

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