Upset! Well, seriously, no it wasn't

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday June 12, 2006.

Having just checked (Czeched?) the Deadspin live-blogging on the U.S.-Czech Republic world cup match, I have to ask. Does anyone in the U.S. really, really care about soccer? Sure many U.S. kids play soccer, but I’m convinced they only do so because it’s easy for parents to get their kids into it, and they get a bit of exercise. The Girl plays, but she’s six. The Boy played, but only for a year until he really figured out baseball is the shit. Some people, although I’m not sure I’ve met any I liked, played into high school. But it dies after that. Only Ivy League assbags play beyond that, right? And forget MLS.

Also, it should be noted that Deadspin bailed after 85 minutes with the U.S. down 3-0. Bummer. Didn’t the live-blogger see the Japan-Australia match the other day? Oh, I guess they did. Anything can happen. Japan-Australia is totally the soccer equivalent of the infamous Heidi game, only imagine if the Raiders had scored their entire season’s point output in that time. Amazing.

As for the U.S. team, didn’t we do this a couple of World Cups ago? We were all hyped, but lost all of our games, and scored like one goal? The result was something like we finished dead last at the World Cup, after weighing all the tiebreakers. Awesome. I predict that again, just because we don’t care and I’m glad about that.

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