Us quirky Nevadans

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday July 10, 2006.

With a major shoutout to Smitty in Athens (GA), I pass along this little ditty (Windows Media or Real required – sorry about that, people with a clue) that NPR’s Day to Day ran on State Senator Maggie Carlton today. For those of you who do not know, Maggie is a state senator from February to June in odd years, and a waitress at the coffee shop in Treasure Island the rest of the time. It’s another in a long series (if you are Myrna or Suga, feel free to send me the link to the post you did so I can hook it up; I searched for minutes today looking for those you guys did) about how quirky we all must be in this great state. So enjoy, out-of-staters.

As for Smitty, who the hell just chills out listening to NPR? Get an iPod or something.

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