Vacation, 2008

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday August 24, 2008.

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As is almost customary in the Jerz household, we hit the road last week, the week before school starts back up, and took to the great outdoors for a little camping. The map shows our travels.

We headed west, toward the ocean, and stayed at a campground between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, California, called Costanoa.

We left Reno on Sunday and returned on Friday. Five nights sleeping in a tent with kids was not nearly as bad as I thought it could be. I guess it still could be bad, but it wasn’t.

From there we did the following things:

  • Went to Santa Cruz and visited the Mystery Spot
  • Walked from the tent to the car for some water and scared a skunk. Then grabbed the flashlight and watched another skunk ignore me completely whille it rooted around for food
  • Visited Año Nuevo State Park and hiked to the beach to see elephant seals
  • Hiked to the beach to spend a few hours
  • Stayed up in the dark to see if we could spot skunks and raccoons. Total count: three raccoons, one (additional) skunk
  • Went back to Santa Cruz to meet my cousin Chris and hit up the Boardwalk
  • Stuck around and drove to a different, much colder and windier beach

Take a look at this very brief slideshow (haha) of photos I took on the trip. Be sure you’re signed in to Flickr if you’re a member, as some of them require being my friend there to see.

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