Walking the Ground

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday August 10, 2006.

Man, I really hate it when I get obsessed with things. But sometimes it can work out.

I started telling this long, convoluted story to Christy tonight. It’s a story about an anonymous blogger working to take down a candidate. I really don’t have a feeling one way or another about the candidate, but I do care about truth. Anyway, the story was about the candidate’s living arrangements, and how this anonymous blogger was alleging that the candidate did not live in his district when filing to run. The date given by the candidate, according to the blogger, was November, 2005. So the blogger was telling us that in November 2005 the candidate did not live in his registered house. That blogger also gave a different address on two different occasions, which only complicated matters. Then, yesterday, there was a breakthrough. A commenter named Steve Worth called out the blogger and gave what Worth called the correct address. Interesting.

Christy, obsessed with real estate, listens to all of this and says to me, “Zillow it.” I stood there with my mouth agape. She moved to the computer, hit up zillow.com for the address of the house. Okay, all I can tell there is that it was built in 2004. Wait, 2004? I thought this thing was a pile of wood in February of this year. Okay, but what about the date lived in? Well, Ryan, that’s an easy one, too. Just go to the Washoe County Assessor’s website, click on the Property Assessment Data page, then click the little button that says search. A nice little search form pops up. Type in the house number and street, hit “situs search,” and you’re there. A listing of search results pops up. If you did it correctly, there should be one result. The name on it happens to be the candidate’s name. Go figure. Oh, it also has the date of the last transaction as May 19, 2005. That would be when it was purchased, for people who don’t understand these things.

You can go further. Feel free to click on the address so you can see more details. Wow. Everything is there. The value, the owner, all the parcel info. Pretty tough to dispute. I scroll down. Shit. Look at that picture. It’s not finished. The blogger is right! Wait! Click the picture. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. The unfinished house picture is from March. . .2005. Looks like the case is closed. Luckily for my criminal record, I didn’t actually walk the ground. I bet they don’t take kindly to people like me standing in random houses.

What’s not at all surprising is that tonight we get the revelation that EO knows who the Cobb Gobbler is. Shocking. I’m still not buying that it isn’t EO himself. Or his hapless buddy Disney. But whatever. He was at least nice enough to include a little blurb about me in there. How touching. But no link. Thank God. Now I won’t be inundated with the entire three clicks people would have given it. It’s good to know a respected consultant like Odom is taking part in dirty tricks. What a bunch of scumbags. Well, one scumbag. But I’d have no problem if you threw The Muth in there.

That brings me back to a rumination I had a few months back about power. That certainly includes most politicians, but when you claim a politician is a liar, and it’s you who are really lying, well, go ahead and assume I’ve given you the Cheney Clause

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