Want your blog as an iPhone app? Here's the next best thing

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday January 21, 2009.

If you follow this site, you’ll know that it is now optimized for viewing on the iPhone (I’ll be working on the suggestions very soon). The next step in making your site a de facto iPhone Application is the quick step I’m about to lay out.

You need an icon.

They’re really easy to make.

(From The Wired Kayaker, Option 1)

Open Photoshop. Open an image or logo you would like to use. Make is a square if it isn’t already. Resize it to 57×57 pixels. Save it as a PNG. Rename it as apple-touch-icon.png. Put that image into the root folder for your site.

That’s it.

Now, visit your beautifully formatted site on your iPhone. Add it as a bookmark to the Home Screen. On the screen that allows you to rename the bookmark, if you wait a couple of seconds you’ll see your newly-created image pop up as the site’s icon. Save it, and you have your blog on the Home Screen complete with your custom icon. Along with the iPhone formatting, you now have the closest thing to an app as you can get without having to develop something that only a few nerds know how to develop.

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