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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday July 12, 2006.

the four candidatesYes, Sunday, July 16 at 6:00 pm on KNPB Channel 5 there will be a discussion among four (really two, but equal time blah blah) candidates for governor. It’s called Livable Communities: Governor Candidate Forums 2006. The forum features Bob Beers-R, Dina Titus-D, Craig Bergland-G, and Christopher Hanson-IA. Jim Gibbons-R declined the invitation, Jim Gibson-D could not attend due to the death of a friend, and Lorraine Hunt-R was scheduled but did not appear (at least that’s how I heard it).

They are asked questions about making and maintaining livable communities by a group of architects. If this interests you at all, or you just want to see the candidates in action, tune in.

As a note from me, I’ll say it should offer a few entertaining moments. One classic moment is when Beers calls Titus “Governor Titus.” The only candidate to blatantly disregard the rules of the exchange was Dina Titus, but you’ll see that if you watch.

Another idea would be the obligatory drinking game. I don’t do these (simply because I rarely need an excuse), but two quick idea are:

  • Slam a beer every time the Green Party guy talks about implementing someting that’s complete fantasy
  • Slam two beers (because I’m sure he doesn’t drink) every time Hansen bombs with a joke

That’ll do it. Make sure you watch.

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