Weekend: hosed

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday May 28, 2006.

the road homeDamn, that was tough. We go to the cabin, enjoy the evening, and crash. It was cold, but we were okay. The kids get to sleep inside the cabin on a pullout bed. Christy and I slept in a camper that was the main sleeping area before the cabin was built. So we wake up and Rico, who had slept in the camper with us, pushes the door open to let himself out and I look up. WTF? Well, that put a damper on out plans, as we had gone up to let the kids mess around in the stream that mostly is dry, but had some water in it this time. Plus, Rico got all wet and had to stay outside and that’s no fun. So we hit the road early and are now home. Nice Memorial Day weekend.

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