What Did You Say?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday March 31, 2006.

an ice cream cakeSo maybe this just comes from growing up in a place with a heavy Hispanic population. But last night, my cousing and his fiancee came over for dinner. They had to bring dessert. They got an ice cream cake at Baskin-Robbins. They asked the guy to write something on it. The guy said they don’t really do that for the size cake it was. So my cousin told him that all he wanted them to write was the word “caca” on it. The guy got excited, and they did it. So we get this cake that says caca. But here’s the thing. Neither The Boy nor Christy even knew what it meant. We couldn’t believe it. My cousin and I both lived in L.A. for our early childhood years before moving to Nevada. Christy grew up in Las Vegas. The Boy has several friends who speak spanish in parts of their lives. How did they not know what caca meant? Do you know what it means? And isn’t it funny that the cake had that on it? I mean, look at that cake. Awesome.

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