What the hell is this?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday May 19, 2006.

nl west standings on 5-19-06What was just last year the doormat of the National League is looking like a division on a mission to prove itself revived. As of right now, all five teams are above .500. Sure, they’ve all played each other quite a bit, but they have to beat everyone else for all of them to be above .500. For instance, the Padres are 7-0 against the Cubs, and the Giants just came off a 3-game sweep in Houston where they outscored them somthing like 31-5. In fact, the weakest looking team of the bunch, based on the fact that they’re about .500 in everything, is the Dodgers.

Now we get interleague play. The Dodgers get a good draw with a struggling Angels team. By Sunday, they could conceivably be 24-20. I’d like to see the A’s give the Giants all they can handle, but they’ve been so damn inconsistent I can’t trust them to do so. But if the NL West continues their tear, I’ll be happy. Just because I got real sick of hearing about how bad they were last year.

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