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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday December 20, 2006.

the dodgers crowd home plate to congratulate nomar garciaparraThis was my vote, not that they counted it. Take that Giants fans. And Padre fans, too. That game was absolutely incredible. Hands down the best baseball game of the year.

How about other sports. The USC-Texas game has a lot of potential. The outcome sucked, but hey. If Frostee Rucker stopped biting on all those fake moves to the inside USC wins that thing. He had Vince Young on that fourth down but bit to the inside and gave Young the lane to the endzone. Plus there’s all the evidence that says the game’s officiating was suspect, too.

I’d even put Pack-La Tech game on any list I compiled. That one almost hurt in a big way. I’ll remember it forever. Plus, it did lead to this. The only other basketball game I can think of is the UCLA-Gonzaga (seriously, watch that video if you don’t know of that game) one in the tourney. I remember that one because some loudmouth at work (who really did know his stuff and I liked) kept hyping Gonzaga and talking smack to me about UCLA, who I had seen and thought was really good. I guess they were. Wow. And who could forget Ché Morrison crying in the middle of the floor?

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