What's our purpose?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday August 16, 2006.

I had the privelege of sitting around a room and discussing journalism with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist today. It occurred to me at one point, and this is not the first time this has happened, that he didn’t understand blogging. But, to be fair, I’m not sure I do, either.

I see blogging as something I do to reflect. Sometimes I research, sometimes I react, and sometimes (awfully infrequently) I report. A clear, concise definition really doesn’t exist for the term “blogging.” (concise is a very key word here) The reporter wanted to make the case that bloggers sit around and comment on news with their opinions and really don’t do what he does. His exact words were, “Show me.”

And for the most part, he’s right. As it stands, bloggers do little reporting, and a lot of commentary. So my question to all of the readers here is this. What is blogging for? I want to gather up a solid idea of what blogging is, based upon your responses. You can tell me why you do it, why you read them, if I’m right in my assessment of myself, etc. I’ll take good principles out of the comments I get (or emails, if you want to contact me that way) and form a definition that I will use to guide myself from here forward.

If a better model emerges, I’ll use it, but until then, I want this to have a purpose and I want to follow that purpose to attempt to do good work here. Help me.

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