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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday September 18, 2006.

Jeeze, four links to the Wolf Pack game on rgj.com and the only one with an attendance figure is commentary from Chuck Carlson? Here’s a thought: box scores always have the attendance in them. Anyway, I want to talk about the attendance. We’ve struggled with attendance here, and if I recall correctly, we were damn close to getting dinged by the NCAA for failing to meet attendance requirements. It’s an ugly scene. According to a survey done last year, the problem is winning. There hasn’t been enough of it. Until recently.

When that above article was written, the Pack was 4-2 on the season. The wound up undefeated at home and 9-3 overall. Also, they claimed a share of the WAC title (which, honestly, is kinda bunk – they lost to the team they shared the title with, badly, but WAC rules state that there are no tiebreaks) and won their bowl game. The season was a success.

Then this year started. They got beat in a conference game that was very winnable in Fresno, then got pasted in Tempe. The start was bad. This game happened to be on one of the first cold days of the season, too. So why did everyone show up? What made this team, which looked really bad in Arizona, a draw to a good crowd?

Further, I want to know why more people don’t show up. The stated figure of 18,883 is woefully low for a legitimate Division I team. There were still visibly empty parts of the stadium, and I can’t stand that. So if you’re from around here, why don’t you go? Is it the cost? The parking? The night games (bush)? The Little General? Did I miss anything. I ask because I truly find the whole experience to be fantastic. Tailgate parties, dressing in sweatshirts, talking to freakshows from “Cincinnasty” (yeah, you’re in the Big East, the most overrated conference in football this side of the Big 10) in the stands about betting the under (I wouldn’t have, but he won it), sitting around the crowd you know, the cannon, everything. I love those games. So why doesn’t everyone? What kept you home last night?

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