Where will they all go?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday November 8, 2006.

James Ball makes a point that I was meaning to bring up anyway today or in the next week or so. What will happen to the blog explosion that hit our area around the election? I’ll admit that I really don’t read all of them, as I’m sure is true of most of you, too. But it was very interesting, as someone who has been doing this for several years, to see the political blogs all pop up during this season. Of course, it’s entirely possible that any of them were run by operatives from within a candidacy, being that they’re mostly run by people with pseudonyms. Some of them are gone already — or at least they’ve stopped posting.

It’s kind of disappointing that there could be a loss of people using blogs around here because their “cause” has passed. On the other hand, it might be unbearable to see endless posts about every single thing Jim Gibbons says the next four years and how much better Dina Titus would have been as governor. It’d also be brutal to think that anytime a Democrat speaks, or a Republican actually makes sense of an issue without resorting to some predetermined schema, the RINO haters could fire away repeatedly and parrot whatever talking point Sean Hannity told them to parrot that day. So maybe I won’t miss the political people all that much. Or maybe now is when the partisan hacks decide to join the community and be reasoned members who contribute with logic rather than predictable mantras. I can only hope.

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