Why transparency is important

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday October 11, 2007.

If you’re not transparent, people will call you on things. And when they do, you look worse and dumber than if you just said what was true to begin with.

While it might be a very noble thing for Dove to spend a bunch of money to tell little kids that they don’t have to (or shouldn’t) strive to look a way that’s either impossible or impractical, it just makes them look hypocritical and stupid that they spend as much or more money telling people that there is a right way to look and, um, “it’s exactly the way we were saying in that other ad is not the right way”.

We (consumers) are savvy now. We’ll catch you on these things. And these guys caught them.

Props to Ed for creating the video and props to Pole Position for putting forth the effort and resources. It goes a long way when a marketing company is the group telling us that if you’re not transparent, you’ll get nailed. They’re usually the ones trying to hide it from you.

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