Winemaking - Bottling Day

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday April 16, 2010.

It is done. After going through the earlier steps in the winemaking process, today was bottling day. After calls for friends to donate bottles, I wound up with over double what I needed (awesome!). That means I can continue making wine while I wait to drink this. I’ll also be doling out the dividends earned by those who invested with bottles soon. If you gave me bottles, I’ll be in touch.

Some notes about bottling. In talking with Rob at the Reno Homebrewer, I learned that a lot of what people think they know about bottling and storing wine is bunk. Laying bottles on their sides: no need whatsoever. Worrying about filling the bottles properly and with minimal oxygen like beer: not an issue. The bottom line was that this stuff was easy to make, and it already tastes pretty good. With a few months in the bottle, it should be great.

I got 28 bottles out of the batch, and I left some wine behind. That’s good to know. Based on the batch price, each bottle cost $3.43. That’s not a bad deal at all if it even passes as drinkable.

Watch the video as I explain some more.

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