You are not invited

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 22, 2006.

Nor is the media. But you want to be. This Sunday is the 4th annual? Tour de Cul de Sac. You might remember the tour from my writeup last year. Or maybe not. It’s the dopest bike race in this town, bar none. Expected to attend this year are: myself, Christy, the kids, Christy’s boss, her husband, Marissa, my electrician, and about 50 people I really don’t know. Not expected: the rest of Reno.

This tour is exclusive, and held in a secret cul de sac in an undisclosed part of Reno (seriously, I don’t even know where it is). It’s a true community event, except the community isn’t allowed. It’s not like Fight Club or anything, though. It’s way more badass. Instead of pansy black eyes, Tour riders come away with bloody bodies. It’s not pretty. So, remember, Sunday is a day that you will be at home. I, however, will be doing something.

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