Your utterances might get you hurt

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday May 29, 2004.

Every once in a while you hear a phrase that you knew you hated but had forgotten about for some time. When you hear that phrase, or term, or statement, or whatever, it brings back a lot of anger and you immediately lose a little respect for the person who just said it.One of those terms for me is, “Get a life.” Why? To put it simply, it’s so freaking trite I can’t stand it. I remember hearing it for the first time in, like, fifth grade and we used the hell out of it then. For that reason alone, it needs to go away.

I heard it watching some show on Bravo tonight about how television has come from portraying the world as very innocent and traditional to what we see now as less traditional and more realistic roles in TV. For instance, the person being interviewed was an executive producer for Xena and was talking about Xena’s power as a woman and her very male role on the show. They had to ask what Xena would think of the four women on Sex and the City. She said that Xena would tell the Kim Catrall one to get a life. Seriously? That’s all a powerful woman on TV would tell a character who has a lot of sex with men on TV? I think that’s just a slight little misunderstanding of the person you’re going after, isn’t it? I mean, that character might well repsond with something along the lines of sex is living and maybe Xena should try it sometime. And how is an executive producer, who up to that point had seemed so intelligent and in touch with important social causes, so lame that “Get a life,” is all they can come up with to attempt to debate someone who they feel is hurting their cause?

Maybe I’m taking this just a bit too seriously, but that’s how much I hate that term. It’s like arguing with Giants fans. You can tell them that their team has so many holes in it that it makes the Titanic look unsinkable and all they can come back with is, “Yeah, well the Dodgers suck!” Argument over. The Dodgers suck. You just told me to get a life. Obviously, I am wrong and should never have attempted to use any sort of logic in this battle of wits. Lose the phrase, executive producer lady, and maybe I can lose the horrifying image of the frozen Felipe Alou reaching toward Barry Bonds as he sinks into the ocean while Barry struggles to stay awake on a makeshift raft.

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