Film Project Shorts

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday July 27, 2009.

I wanted to explore a few things here. I wanted to go through the stages a movie might put a viewer through, such as introducing characters, mood, suspense, location, and emotion. Each of these films does one or more of those things.

This project inspired a copycat and many questions. Of course, the lack of dialog added to the mystique that this project presented, and that was on purpose. The use of music, however, was critical at certain points in the project. They really helped set mood for some of them. The same video edited with different music could have made an entirely different feeling be conveyed.

Like any multiple edition project, this one evolved as it went along, and finished with controversy. You may have seen the final installment, but if you didn’t you may never get the chance.

Here are the remaining pieces:

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