Link: In case you care about that debate below on the internet as a human right

E!! over at “E!! The True Conservative Story” put the debate out there to her readers and got some response. My favorite was the first, wherein I’m called a moron for what I consider a red herring argument. So I’ve responded. Thanks to E!! for noticing something over here and making it more widely known. I’m of the opinion that it really isn’t that serious of a question at this point. I based my post on a few assumptions that probably are pretty illogical. But I like the idea of thinking about that stuff. It just bums me out that while I’m trying to debate the responsibility to society of news organizations who are founded on the ideals of an informed public that it becomes a debate about government intervention and socialism, which never even crossed my mind. It’s still fun, if a bummer, though.

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posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday June 13, 2009

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