Link: Local blogger Susan Nunes embroiled in school district lawsuit

What appears to be a hideous situation at Sparks Middle School has got a local blogger caught in the middle of a lawsuit filed against the Washoe County School District. Susan Nunes (cached version), a teacher at Sparks Middle School, is a very active blogger from Reno, and appears to be the teacher named in the suit (the story does not indicate). Parents of an autistic child allege that their son was raped in a Sparks Middle School bathroom twice and “Washoe County School District officials failed to protect her son and failed to report he was raped twice last year…” It also appears that either Susan Nunes, or someone pretending to be her, is leaving a whole lot of comments on that story. As is obviously the case with any lawsuit, the facts will come to light as this goes on, and we can all only hope that justice is served. The important thing to remember is that the boy, no matter what happened, is living in hell right now. His well-being should be the first priority of every adult involved.

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posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday September 9, 2008

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