Link: PolitickerNV is apparently in the business of ripping people off

PolitickerNV is doing a bad thing here. Anytime you aggregate content you have to be careful about how you do it. Should you include the full post, some percentage, a tiny bit, a headline, or what? The unwritten (and some written as copyright) rules would dictate that you post a little and link to the full. I’ve never appreciated when bloggers post entire news articles. It’s not yours to give away. Link to it and let the creator benefit from what he or she has done. The same should go for news outlets linking to bloggers. If you plan on running a site, especially if you’re making money from it, you had better not be using other people’s content to make that money without their permission. Period. PolitickerNV needs to stop running full posts, and probably needs to just stop ripping stuff off from people that haven’t contacted for permission.

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posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday January 6, 2009

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