Link: Why AT&T Park sucks

I like the idea of this feature by Deadspin a lot. Everyone always wants to talk about the beauty of their favorite team’s stadium. I love Dodger Stadium. I also love AT&T Park. The way they approach this (AT&T is the first) is interesting. They seem to have taken all of the things people will cite as good attributes about their stadium of choice and attack each of them. For instance, AT&T is touted as being privately-funded. It wasn’t. The things that are (or were) celebrated inside the stadium are attacked. It’s good, and I can’t wait for the Dodger Stadium one. I fully expect the plight of the Chavez Ravine residents to be brought up and drilled home. It’s important to keep all of this stuff in perspective when we look at sports. Real people’s lives are affected, either monetarily or physically in the case of Dodger Stadium. We need to remember that stuff.

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posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday May 30, 2009

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