Volume 1, Issue 5 - November is Quite a Month

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday November 16, 2018.

November is a month that is filled with time off for someone with a salaried job. It’s quite the opposite for someone who works in an hourly position. That broad distinction is obviously not perfect, but it rings true to me. I’ve already had four days off this month, with two more coming next week. Six of ~20 days in a month is a significant chunk of time to have, essentially, to yourself.

By comparison, far too many people have to get up really early the day after Thanksgiving to get to work on the capitalist engine that so many think makes our world go. Heck, some people even have to go to work on Thanksgiving itself to satisfy some need the economy can’t possibly wait a few hours to fulfill. It’s kind of gross. Each year, in fact, there is a lot of talk at our holiday celebration about who wants to head to Target or wherever at 8:00 to get the best deals. One year, someone even had to leave to go to work. The irony is lost on those family members who want to go shopping, but are sad that the person who had to work can’t be a part of it. So close to making that connection.

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my massive extended family (close to 60 will be in attendance) in Carson City. I will do exactly zero shopping over those four days off. The weekend is full of stuff for everyone to do over the course of three days. It’s a great time, and will be so much better since I can do some bit of gloating toward the Fox News crowd that shows up. I fully expect to be informed that I am not allowed to discuss politics, as I was last year, seconds before an uncle asked me, “So, what’s up with your boy Kaepernick?” He then proceeded to blame me for bringing it up.

This is all beside the point, I guess. Although, politics really does play into just about every aspect of our lives. Not recognizing that is doing a civic disservice to yourself. The real point was that we get time off because it’s good for us. Its good to hang around some cousins that you don’t see more than once or twice each year. It’s especially good when you like them. It’s good to be able to accomplish things that take extra time. I got to do one of those things this month.

The Lost Coast Trail

Morning from Sea Lion Gulch

Just about every person I’ve mentioned this to knows at least a little bit about it, which has to put it up there with the big ones (PCT, Appalachian). It’s a 25 mile hike along the coast in an area that was deemed too difficult to put a highway through. US 101, the main coastal highway along the Pacific Ocean, pushes about 20 miles inland for a stretch where the King Range stands in its way. Because of that, you get a super remote area known as the Lost Coast.

Our trip consisted of three days of hiking, two nights of camping, and one person suffering what we determined was a (mild, thankfully) concussion and head wound. It’s a scary moment to look up and see your friend who has essentially passed out falling flat and smacking his head square on a rock. The sound isn’t one that will leave my mind for a while. Neither will the blood. But, like I said, the concussion was mild and he was well enough to continue walking (we didn’t have a choice) after a respite and a lot of water.

There’s a lot more to the story, and I like to write a lot of words about such things, so I’ll just link you to it.

The election

November also brings us an election every two years. I won’t bore anyone with my opinions on the election other than to say that things suddenly feel quite a bit less insane. Nevada did its job, once again, in electing the people that made the case for good governance instead of some mythical return to a once utopian landscape. That helps me feel like we righted the ship a bit. I’m sure things aren’t going to be perfect, but I think they’ll be pretty decent. Good, actually.

I’m no analyst, but I did play one on the internet for a few minutes the other day. You can read that here. And finally, I’ll say good riddance to Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt, two losers who are worthy of remembering solely for their losing.

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