The Podcast, 4th edition

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday August 1, 2005.

I’ve done it again. This edition is basically a call for comments. I got myself a new microphone, and have abandoned the more professional setup I was using before. The upside: more of these will happen. The downside: they won’t sound as good. The question: which is more important? Feel free to fire up and let me know. Also, I throw in some commentary on the Dodger game today, which broke my heart a little bit. If you missed what happened, you have to listen.

Here is the junk
TRT – 15:27 5.4MB

And for people who can’t get enough of me, and want to know as soon as they can when these are up, download this and throw it into your favorite podcast-type reader.

Comment here, if you’re compelled to do so, which I highly suggest.


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