The Podcast, 6th Edition

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday August 13, 2005.

It seems as if I’m addicted to these things. I guess that’s possible, since once you hear your own voice on the www where it can be heard by anyone and everyone outside of China (since I’m sure they’re censoring me, at least, I hope hey are, because that would be helluva cool), you totally get hooked on it like Brett Favre on Vicotin. But you can’t blame Brett, he was hurt, and I hear that stuff feels good, even though the one time I had it it didn’t do shit for me. On a side note, I once had a guy, Froy, who was a good artist, draw up a picture of a guy injecting himself with a needle of some kind in an effort to show Favre as an addict, for a co-worker who was a big Packers fan. Little did my sorry ass know that Vicotin was not injected. Man, what a dumbass. I wasn’t smart, and I wasn’t nice, either.

As for this episode, here it is
TRT 17:42 – 6.1 MB

Listen, and worship. World domination is very near, and if you’re on board early, I’ll keep you alive.

The topics this time: click on the link that says “Podcast Links” on the sidebar. If you don’t see it, you don’t deserve to know.

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