The Podcast, 8th Edition

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 16, 2005.

I made it back in. Another podcast is alive. And just in time for the weekend in SF to watch the Dodgers attempt to salvage a bad season by waxing the Giants. Look for pics on Monday or something.

As for the cast, it’s a simple question. Living in a tourist town often leaves me baffled. And that’s where I’m coming from this time. Check it out, and please answer me.


Sorry, something is hosed. Only about 2/3 of the file is uploaded, so you aren’t getting the whole thing. It never reaches the part about midgets, and now I’m in SF and can’t get to it. If that’s not completely annoying, I don’t know what is. I’ll have it completely up as soon as I can, and you’ll hear about it right here.


Fixed. Download away as of Sunday 9-18, 9:22 pm.

The download
TRT = 9:01
3.1 MB

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