The Voice of the Site, Part II

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday May 21, 2005.

Tonight I bring you te second installment of the podcasting venture of In this edition, I’ll discuss photography, take myself very seriously, then interview a local photographer that I happen to be lucky enough to know. It’s all good stuff. Comments about the information presented are open, so fire away.

Here are the goods

TRT: 16:10 (1.85 MB)

It’s long, but we might really be on to something here. Go for a run and listen to me twice. And buy a photo, for the love of God.

In other news today, my slogan idea finished sixth in the Dodger Thoughts T-shirt slogan contest. There aren’t numbers, so you’ll have to count to the sixth one down, Brad. Ironically enough, despite my slogan entry, I might actually be glossed as the “conventional wisdom” lover on that site, which is precisely wrong. All because I decided to play devil’s advocate on sending a runner from third in a no-win situation tonight.

Also, there is talk about town that has me doing something large. Saying it here might jinx it, but if it comes through, count on many more professionally produced, slicker podcasts, if you know what I’m saying.

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