April 2008: Ryan Jerz and friends visit the Republic of Molossia

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday May 12, 2008.

April’s Post of the Month selection was a bit closer than I thought it might be. In fact, I actually wanted it to be something about Domingo Rivera, Cyber Lawyer, but was overruled when the little dog insisted with three sharp barks and a bite to my Achilles. I guess it was because this post meant an afternoon of me away from home, thus freeing up the little dog to shred any wayward piece of mail or even a Certificate of Achievement that The Girl might have brought home for accomplishing something her father could only have dreamed of in the third grade.

Anyway, about the trip to Molossia. It’s not often that a post is accompanied by a photo gallery, but the Molossia trip would have been incomplete without one. The place, despite it’s small size for a nation, was a sight to behold. And our visit to Molossia seemed to ring throughout the community in ways I never could have foreseen. Here are a couple of stories on how the trip connected people in ways they may not have been connected before (long bullet points upcoming):

  • Two separate people have mentioned, either through chat or Twitter, that they would like to see the nation. It’s funny how that works. I wrote about it twice prior to visiting, but received very little feedback at the time. However, once people saw what it looked like, they were all over it. I also like to think of myself as a trailblazer in this area, and my internet reputation has probably not hurt the micronation’s credibility in the least. No matter what the reason, though, Molossia and His Excellency President Kevin Baugh may receive a few more requests for visitors than in the recent past from the locals. I hope they don’t make him close up shop.
  • My step-brother works in the library at UNR. I occasionally get hits from a computer there and always figured it was him. Until one day he IM’d me to ask what the hell was this talk of me visiting a foreign country. Turns out his boss was at work talking about this Jerz guy who went to some other country near Reno and how cool it was. My step-brother, we’ll call him Casey to protect his anonymity in the case he actually is aware of my reputation, kind of asked what the talk was about, and when his boss told him he said, “yeah, that’s my brother.” Apparently a fistfight ensued over “Casey’s” alleged lies and he was almost fired over the ordeal. I offered to broker a deal between the two, which ultimately resulted in a raise for “Casey” and happy feelings all around.

That second story may or may not be slightly embellished. The point is that people are now aware of Molossia and the coolness it brings to our region. His Excellency President Kevin Baugh deserves more credit than I could possibly lavish upon him for maintaining his immaculate micronation. He also deserves a little more praise than he has been afforded, despite his television appearances. The only local coverage he has received to this point that I’m aware of is right here. And I’ll admit this site does not have nearly the audience to amount to the proper recognition.

All in all, though, Molossia was a great time, and very worthy of April 2008’s Post of the Month.

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