January 2008: The Caucus Raucous irks Barack...us

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday February 1, 2008.

In an effort to bring the participants pf this site what they want—more of this site—mrjerz.org is beginning a new feature today: Post of the Month!

A Battle EnsuesMy Dogs: They will help decide the Post of the Month.The Post of the Month will be the site’s best post of the past month, as determined by me, you, my dogs, and anyone who tells me a post is “honor-worthy” either through a comment or email. I’ll even start keeping comments open on posts for a longer period than I have since I started turning them off. Yay for everyone!

This month’s top post is The Caucus Raucous irks Barack…us. Chosen for my willingness to call the caucus process what it is: riduculous, antiquated, anti-democratic, and bullying. Here’s an excerpt:

So it all starts and you go to your spot and you and some other guy are standing there hoping to be swayed. At this point, it seems, the process calls for the others to do what they can to get you over. They can give you the vaulted status of a delegate or they can just try to convince you. Who the hell didn’t think people would get aggressive? Mob mentality rules over contemplation in this process, and it’s not the pure democracy I keep hearing about. It’s flat out intimidation and conformity. At least it’s being exposed as such.

Also, Sarah Silverman is incredibly funny. So go read the rest of the post. My dogs will. Everyone else will.

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