May 2008: What's your Reno earthquake experience?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday June 8, 2008.

The Post of the month for May was another tough call. This time, it really came down to the dogs. Their vote was crucial.

There were two contenders with one real longshot. The longshot was Priva-ate Eyes. It obviously couldn’t win due to the meat of the post no longer actually being there (check the picture here) and notice the way I spelled “their.” Not the right way. That might resonate with some of you, but it might not. Rest assured, I know the proper usage. Other people do not, and that’s why I did it that way. The only reason that post was in the equation was the reaction it generated. Several people who matter a lot to me thought it was real, and the response was overwhelming. So I took it down. To quote one person, though, “The genius was that so many people did think it was real. They really thought that was possible.” That was coming from someone who thought it was real as well. But it doesn’t win.

The other non-winner was A brief update on my situation and copyright law. I find that post very significant because it is another example of me doing the right thing while I continue (yes, continue) to have to defend myself against threats and intimidation through what are, but certainly should not be, legal channels. My concession that I posted “copyrighted” material should indicate that I am willing to do the right thing. Because I am. To be following the law, but still be subject to threats to my livelihood and “financial future” should not be allowed. Unfortunately, it is. Of course, that could change, and I can only hope that it does. The bottom line here is that I am the one operating above board and without secrecy and without demanding a thing. I say start publishing all the things that are being said about me and let’s have this out in public. By the way, what have the private investigators come up with?

Finally, the winner. The dogs decided this one because, frankly, they’re now bored with lawsuits. And they once barked when this played. I can’t stand @Jim_S’ ice cream ordering, either. Here’s the background, so that it’s all on the record in one place.

I was asked to make a video to help promote the My Nevada Dream Job campaign. That video was supposed to kind of be a mocking “earthquake hunt” similar to some videos I made in the past, namely Reno Floods Again which I shot on New Year’s Eve, 2005. The whole first-person perspective was the real key. I was given a deadline about a week and a half out, so I meant to hit that deadline. As time approached, I was still uninspired and had no way of really scripting it, plus there weren’t any actual earthquakes happening, so the journalistic instinctâ„¢ in me couldn’t kick in. Then, two days before the deadline was a Sunday, and with the required editing, I knew I had to shoot. I had a window of two hours to get it shot, so @Jim_S and I took production assistant The Boy and went to Wingfield.

We stood there for about 15 minutes wondering what the hell to do. Then we saw someone we wanted to interview and I just went and asked her. She wouldn’t do it, so she told me to interview her boyfriend. He wouldn’t, either, but his buddy the tattoo guy was into it, so we rolled. From there it just got easier. We found Ed the guitar player and asked him to freestyle a song about earthquakes and he did, then we just walked around and talked to a few people. We meant for it to be about earthquakes, and it was, but there was so much good footage that day that it couldn’t just be about earthquakes.

We even saw two petition gatherers arguing about their petitions. It was classic and we tried to get them both separately on tape explaining their petitions but they wouldn’t do it. The best part was that one guy was collecting signatures and the other guy was following him around with a petition that, if signed, would remove your signature from the first guy’s petition. At least that’s how he explained it. And that came from a direct question, as we wouldn’t let them tell us what they were gathering for unless they did it on camera. They were fun.

Anyway, we got the thing shot in the allotted time, and I had two nights to edit it. I did. I was on time with my submission. Nobody else was. One group even shot their video the night they were due (Ed). Forget editing it on time. And that’s where we stand. I still have no idea if this “contest” was even real, or if I was duped by a friend into doing a video so they could have stuff for the site. I was so pissed that I made a new video to throw in there. It was fun, and the earthquake video gave me something to use to base upcoming videos on. So, without further adieu, I present May 2008’s Post of the month:

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