4 Copas Tequila

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday June 11, 2007.

Having not done a whole lot of product reviews, you’ll have to excuse me for this. I’m not all that schooled in how one would go about “reviewing” something, much less something of this nature, so maybe I’ll just mention in and tell you what I think. It’s something that I came across a few weeks ago and had the fortune of some friends picking it up for me to celebrate my graduation/birthday.

First things first. I like tequila, but rarely, and I mean rarely, do I ever have the means to pick it up on a whim and drink it. So I rely on special occasions, or a night out when I can grab a shot, and enjoy it from there. That also means that I haven’t had much besides the Cazadores/Patron type stuff that’s all popular right now. I have tried Cabo Wabo, but tequila by Sammy Hagar? I don’t think so. Beyond that I’ve had some Don Julio while in Mexico and found it way overrated. Also, when I buy decent tequila, I don’t buy it to mix with a bunch of other crap to dilute the taste. I sip it straight.

That brings us to 4 Copas. I originally found it on The Alternative Consumer while working on an assignment about green-focused sites and the business models they use. For whatever reason, I am into organic foods. So I latched onto this stuff right away and sent it on to Christy to show her. I thought it was pretty cool that two things I like a lot had finally come together. From there, she apparently sent it on to some friends who pitched in and got it for me. Awesome work by all.

At first I was afraid to try it. I had already pumped it up to a lot of people and now I had to actually see if it was worth the hype I had given it. I waited a day before opening the stuff so I could look at it and imagine. The bottle is cool, so I enjoyed that for a while. Then, I decided to try it out. It’s good. Really good. In fact, I though about my pretty limited experience with the best stuff I’d had before and this was better. In fact, I am going to have a hard time keeping myself under control because I’ll want to drink it more than I should and more than I can afford. Small doses.

That’ll about do it for my review of booze today. If you have been looking for some tequila to try and maybe like the idea of drinking green, plus you’re headed to Roseville or San Francisco, think about trying 4 Copas. I’d offer you some of mine but I don’t think I want to give any of it away.

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