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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday October 22, 2007.

Asics 2.jpgMy Asics Gel Oberon running shoes. They feel nice on my feet.Running shoes are a very personal thing. Everyone’s feet are completely different and some shoes fit some people much better than other. A perfect example of this just happened to me. I had been wearing a pair of shoes for quite a long time, really. Not that I had been putting in a lot of miles, but I had owned the shoes for over a year. For this reason, I plan on comparing the two pairs of shoes instead of simply reviewing one pair.

The shoes I had owned were a pair of Adidas ClimaCool something or others. I bought them because when I was shopping for shoes last time I thought they were a great deal. They were priced at somewhere around $120, but reduced to somewhere around $40 because they were discontinued. Being a runner that really only runs to stay in shape, not competitively, I tend to spend under $50 every time I buy shoes. So these seemed like a perfect chance for me to try out some normally expensive shoes at my price.

The Adidas never felt right on me, though. I always figured I was tying them poorly and kept trying out new ways to make them feel better. It never seemed to work. I was getting sore in certain parts of my leg that I hadn’t felt before. I chalked some of it up to being older and experiencing new things that weren’t a problem when I was a spry 25-year-old runner who could wake up with no training and run a pretty quick 5k with little effort. Things were different now, or so I thought.

I spoke with a friend who is starting to train for a marathon next Spring and we talked shoes. I had never really talked shoes with anyone before. He told me he had always worn a particular brand and I started thinking: I had always worn either Asics or Saucony in the past and never felt like I did with these Adidas. So I went looking.

I found a pair of Asics Gel Oberon at Sports Authority and tried them on. The difference was unbelievable. The arch was smooth compared to the Adidas, which had always felt like it was too far back on my foot, and the width was much better. I bought the shoes and went on a run. It felt nice. The first run was a little different. You get sore in different places with different shoes. People told me my thighs would take a beating, but it was my calves that took the brunt of this.

After four runs with these shoes, I love them. I am actually faster and I think it’s due to all the compensating I was doing with the other shoes. They were the wrong fit for me from the beginning, but I’ve found what’s right with the Asics. Please don’t let me forget this.

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