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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday October 23, 2007.

IPod Nano 3.jpgThe Apple iPod Nano Armband is perfect for using your iPod with the Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit.This review is meant to run in conjunction with my review of the Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit. When I got my iPod I waited on a new armband to see if Nike would produce one similar to the one they made for the original Nano. I wanted an armband that would easily hold the Nano along with the Nike kit. If I couldn’t find that, I’d keep waiting and use my old armband, which was big enough to hold the Nano and Nike kit, even if they were not as snug as I wanted.

What I should have done was read iLounge’s review of the Apple armband. Without thinking, I discounted the Apple armband as an option because it looked like it only held the iPod and didn’t have room for the Nike attachment. I was wrong. It is built specifically to accommodate the Nike attachment and without question is perfect for the job.

iPod Nano 2The strap holding the Nano in has two velcro options. One for use with the Nike Plus Kit, and one for use without the kit.On the back of the armband are two velcro options for holding the iPod in. The first is built for use alone, and the second is built perfectly to strap the iPod in with the Nike attachment connected to the iPod’s Dock Connector. The iPod fits snugly into the armband and doesn’t move. In fact, if fits so well that it’s not too easy to get out of the armband (I squeeze the top and the iPod slides out through the opening int he bottom).

My old armband had a few issues. I have had the Xtreme Mac iPod Sport Wrap since the time they came out. It did a wonderful job of protecting the iPod. Where it had problems was with how it fit on my arm. The strap was too small and it came with an extender that attached by velcro to the existing strap. When they were put together, the two would not fit through the hole that was used to tighten the strap, so it was a little bit cumbersome to get it the right fit on my arm. Additionally, the velcro did not stick well. It always felt like the strap was going to come undone and start falling down my arm. I hate to stop when I’m running to fix things I’m wearing, so I require that stuff to be perfect. Finally, the lack of tightness really screwed me up in Winter. I run in long sleeves and when I would strap the armband to the outside of a long-sleeved shirt, it would inevitably slip down my arm as the shirt did when I ran. That made me feel like it was going to slip past my bicep and become a pain in the ass.

Those problems are erased with the Apple armband. The rubberized material does not slip on my long-sleeved shirts and the velcro fastens tightly, with plenty of size options, so I can get it as tight as I want. It’s a fine balance between tight enough to stay and too tight, causing blood flow to be cut off to my arm. I love this armband.

I’m weird in what motivates me, but I think I’ve found a great combination of things that will keep me out running. The Nike Plus iPod Sport Kit and the Apple iPod Nano Armband both make running an experience I don’t dread for any reason past the pain that it causes my body. Can Apple make something that helps with that, too?

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