Average storm hits Reno, causes major problems

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday January 7, 2008.

It’s another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series that makes useless comments about things you may or may not care one lick about. You are encouraged implored to take part by commenting, sending us tips, and spreading the word. Today’s topics: Fernley, STORM OF THE CENTURY, Scoble got Pwn3d by the Facebookz, good headlines, Google Docs, Joe Canseco, and me. I highly recommend it. It is so choice.

  • Fernley is basically underwater. I wonder how this storm actually compares to storms that have hit Fernley in the past. It reminds me way too much of the situation in New Orleans after Katrina, where the storm wasn’t nearly as bad is it was originally said to be, but there were problems due to a bunch of other things like negligence in maintenance, poor construction, etc. From my perspective, this storm was only serious because it was hyped all week long beforehand, but the actual dumping was something we’ve seen many times before. That’s why I would like to see what the actual comparisons are. I have a feeling this was not an epic storm, but a really bad luck situation in Fernley. (Google News)
  • STORM OF THE CENTURYThe storm: A view from my car at 25 mph on Friday night.Scoble was erased. I love how the guy who broke all the rules is now claiming some sort of victimhood over getting his crap removed. Dude, you are the one who perpetrated every single violation that occurred there. If you had not been erased, then what the hell would the consequences have been? I hope is totally sucks uploading all those pictures again. (Scobleizer)
  • Headline of the day for the STORM OF THE CENTURY! When I saw it I was both alarmed and caused to act. I hurried up and left work. Zaller was right! (RGJ)
  • Embed Google Docs Presentation. Just another cool feature of Google’s awesome web apps. (Lifehacker)
  • He’ll find someone, right? He has to. It’s going to be the book of the year whenever it’s released, so he has to find someone! (ESPN)
  • Finally, I must admit that Sunday was a great day for me personally, but a horrendous day as a blogger/journalist. I was able to hang out with my cousins Hank and Stank who recently had a baby. We tried out Asian Noodles, which was excellent. On the flipside, I missed two opportunities: the first to go out to Fernley and lend a hand while doing a little reporting, the second was to take a little time to contribute to the RGJ’s digital desk. I left my phone in my car, which was in the garage and I never really felt like I needed to go out and get it. Nobody ever calls me, so who cares, right? Wrong. Two phone calls on Sunday morning were missed that both could have been awesome experiences. I’ll never do that again. (ME!)

And just to be clear, please read the initial Reactionary Hurl so you can understand the context.

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