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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday November 30, 2007.

It’s another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series that makes useless comments about things you may or may not care one lick about. You are encouraged implored to take part by commenting, sending us tips, and spreading the word. Do it.

  • I don’t know what the qualifications are, but I do know I’m qualified. Nominate me or regret it the rest of your lifeâ„¢ (and remember, if not for the pharmaceutical conspiracy, I’d have cured cancer by now). (RGJ)
  • Some people are famous for all the wrong reasons. Poor Rodney King. I wonder what he was doing on a street corner in San Bernardino. That’s along way from Simi Valley. (TMZ)
  • The economy will survive. Whew. I honestly thought, before reading this article, that Reno was destined to be a ghost town by the end of 2008. Luckily, it will not become such and we’ll be able to continue living here, jobs and all. I blame George Bush, by the way. And Gibbons. (RGJ)
  • From the, where are they now files. Two former prolific bloggers have set up camp in new arenas. First, JWH, of No Gibbons fame (and technically still, but far less frequently) got rolling. Now, the new king is (I’m pretty sure, but not certain) a favorite, Disney. Between the two of them, at the time of this writing, a whopping 2,807 posts, comprising over 4% of the total posts on the RGJ’s online forum. That means that one in 25 posts on a newspaper website with a reach of around 300,000 people comes from these two. Even better, (pretty sure it’s) Disney’s profile says he’s posting 12.86 times per day! JWH, by virtue of having been a relatively inactive member for several months, only shows an average of 4.18 per day, but that’s gone up considerably in the last month. I’d tell them both to get a blog, but I think they already tried that. The best part: Disney’s alter ego is pimping in his signature, but when I last checked, the site was down. Why does that always happen to Disney? He needs to pay his bills. (RGJ, again)
  • PG-13 = useless. As a parent of a 12-year-old, I’ve had to grapple with the realization that in the coming year I won’t have this excuse anymore. But now, thanks to “reader” Richard LeComte in Alabama (he was also the former assistant editor of arts or something until he moved there because of me, maybe), I learn that I can keep my kid from watching PG-13 movies until he’s 25. Sweet. (RGJ, have you heard of it?)
  • Finally, a personal note and a thank you to a wonderful group. I spoke to the Sierra Graphics Network on Wednesday night about blogging—how to get started, how to approach your topics, and how to get noticed—stuff like that. They were an amazing group and several of the audience members were taking some serious notes. I didn’t get everybody’s name, but I hope they start something from that presentation and start coming around here and all the other blogs that have exploded onto the scene in Reno and other places. It’s a lot of fun and can help you in a lot of ways.

And just to be clear, please read the initial Reactionary Hurl so you can understand the context.

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