I said clean and jerk

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday November 8, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. “They’re not taking your picture, George, they’re taking mine.” I’ll use that line at some point.

  • Please, Heroes, don’t listen. Jon Weisman, of Dodger Thoughts fame is also a former screenwriter and works for Variety. He posted today on Heroes and the lack of true character depth on the show. I disagree with Jon on this one. The show needs less dating/partying/fun and way more action this season. Please don’t go all Alias on me. (Variety)
  • Why debate immigration? The biggest reason The Scripper will get little response to this post is that it’s not politically charged. Basically, he’s not calling anyone names. But that’s exactly why he should get a lot of response. It’s a really smart look at the (illegal) immigration debate in a very concise post. It brings up points that should be considered and even suggest that a little balance be thrown into a debate that is very split. For those reasons, it’ll be largely ignored by bloggers who pretend to care. (RENO WIRE)
  • The G-phone is teh lam3. Fake Steve Jobs, whom I might never have read if I hadn’t been pointed to this, drops several absolute gems on the brilliant idea that is the Google Phone. In a nutshell, he isn’t impressed. Although, he says it much funnier than I could, while actually making a solid case against it. Can we all stop trying to pick what’s going to be the next [whatever] killer? (Daring Fireball)
  • Olbermann misrepresented some facts? Well, no matter what evidence you present me, I will never believe this. Really, this is unfortunate. Because by him screwing up, the debate that isn’t really a huge debate anymore (I’ve read that the U.S. stopped doing this several years ago anyway—please correct me if I’m wrong) is now redirected to the media once again “lying” about the president to prove their point. Oh well. (Huffington Post)
  • Diva vs. Super Badass. Which is which? I have Fabio’s back on this one. The dude took a bird in the face once and lived to tell about it. The bird, um, no. Clooney, on the other hand, not only acted like a diva (which Fabio promptly called him on) but continued to go all drama on Fabio, who could probably clean and jerk Clooney about twelve times. There is no way you get on the cover of romance novels without a little juice. Also, Fabio = multiple ladies. Clooney = who knows? (NY Post)

And just to be clear, please read the initial Reactionary Hurl so you can understand the context.

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