Pete Rose probably thinks he's great for baseball

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday December 21, 2007.

It’s another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series that makes useless comments about things you may or may not care one lick about. You are encouraged implored to take part by commenting, sending us tips, and spreading the word. I don’t care that it snowed. Today’s lesson is all about roids, how politicians should act, the twitterz, filthy splitties, remembering milk, me as a futbóler, and crappy gadgets. There’s a holiday next week, right?

  • Jose Canseco’s ghost writer speaks, and it isn’t very easy on the recently exposed juicers. Again, when I read Canseco’s book, I laughed my ass off. It was classic stuff, and so, so perfect that the guy widely considered a self-promoting goofball happened to be the only one telling the damn truth throughout the steroid era. Just because of the book, he has become one of my favorite personalities in baseball. That and his Madonna connection. (Steroid Nation)
  • Other noted goofball Pete Rose also has something to say to juicers. Basically, he doesn’t like you, either. He’s like that nasty jerk at the cantina in Star Wars. “I don’t like you, either. You best watch yourself.” Only to have Obi wan cut his arm off with a lightsaber. Well, Pete is that guy. He’s bitter, was hopped up on the greenies, and bet on his own team. Sorry, dirtbag, but that is cheating. No way around it. Steroids at least hole some ambiguity (not for me, but for some people). Betting = banned for life. (Steroid Nation)
  • Mitt Romney respond how you should respond. Yup, they caught him in a classic “gotcha” moment. And yup, he shrugged it off, didn’t lie about it, and basically just said what he believes. He’s not getting my vote, but I’ll commend him on that one. If only those retarded political games were abandoned at some point. But who am I kidding? (Huffington Post)
  • I twittered this, but you didn’t see it. Unless you follow me. Feel free to do so. I might even follow you. Anyway, this is a filthy extension. Filthy as in Takashi Saito splitter in MLB Power Pros (BTW, best baseball sim I’ve ever played, and I try every one of them. Awesome, awesome general manager and player development gameplay.). If you use Remember the Milk for your to-dos, you’re crazy for not having this. If you use IE instead of Firefox, please don’t ever tell me that. (Lifehacker)
  • my brazilian soccer star nameMy Brazilian soccer star name: I love the number 25, but I think my name sucks.See, Joey Gilbert is innocent. A polygraph says he was truthful when he said he didn’t take meth or roids. And a guy with as much public speaking experience could never fool one. There’s a reason they’re inadmissible in court. Shouldn’t a lawyer understand they’re crap? (RGJ)
  • I’ve always wanted to be a soccer star and now I can be. With my very own Brazilian soccer star name and jersey. I toiled over what number to put on it. I went through all the usuals: #1, #14 (the number I always wore), #69…but settled on what might go down in history as the best “F you” number of them all—Barry’s #25. I’ll never regret this choice. By the way, I hate my name. “ Scrippeiro“ is so much better. (Deadspin)
  • Man, some sucky stuff came out in 2007. That thing from Amazon seems like a gigantic pile of suck. Apple TV is a dud, although I kind of want one, and kind of think I should know better. But best of all is #6 is the funniest. I still haven’t actually seen a Vista machine, but I hear they’re out there. Somewhere. Those people don’t seem to be finding this site, though, as Vista ranks below XP, 2000, and Mac OS X (it’s half as prevalent as my OS X numbers). Those people probably mostly run IE, though, too. So we don’t want them. (Wired)

And just to be clear, please read the initial Reactionary Hurl so you can understand the context.

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