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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday September 23, 2007.

The weekend version of the Reactionary Hurl may or may not be just a shorter version of the regular one. There just isn’t much happening on the weekend. But there is this stuff:

  • Get your shirt today!. Seriously, before UNLV sends the cease and desist. Quite a bit of noise is made about the rivalry and the level of class among fans of the respective schools. Comparisons are thrown out there about which school has better fans (bottom line, Nevada has fans, therefore making them inherently better) and who acts more respectful toward visiting fans. Blah blah blah. Rivalries are supposed to suck, at least to me. You’re supposed to hate the other guys. So I dig the shirts. I wouldn’t wear one, never did, but I still think they’re funny and have a place at the games. (RGJ)
  • I went to Street Vibrations downtown for the first time yesterday. I brought the video camera in hopes of talking to people and asking them what’s great about the event. I couldn’t ever say that I disliked the event because I had never been, but I could say prior that I disliked the idea of the event. I went there honestly thinking I would be walking into the Oakland Coliseum to see the Raiders. And when I left, I thought that I had just walked into the Oakland Coliseum to see the Raiders. There were duded in costumes attempting to look tougher than the other guys. There were women high on whatever dancing in weekly motel parking lots to crappy music. I wound up not even attempting to talk to people on camera because there was no way I could honestly say I would be moved by what they had to say. It sucked. (Myself)
  • This would never happen to Eric Odom. Since I don’t do well to track myself through Google Alerts I totally missed this one. It’s almost two months old and I missed it because it just didn’t work. I got zero hits and zero comments (Mike left one himself, but the campaign failed) from this, which brings up why you never call for action on a blog—you’ll blow it and look dumb. Apparently I have done more to harm the name of a good person than was done to me by that same good person. I beg to differ. But at least Mike has laid out the fact that he thinks it’s “not that big of” a mistake to use an exclusive position within a political party to look up information and try to shut down a person using that insider information. This is exactly why the people who are screaming against Republicans are just as scary as the Republicans themselves. They’re just frustrated that they don’t get to pull the same stuff right now, and will not hesitate to do it once they regain control. And to say that Ross Armstrong “quickly and frequently apologized” is a load of complete shit. He only really apologized after I told him I would be going straight to the party chair if he didn’t do it publicly. Sure, there were “apologies” before the real one, but they were filled with sarcasm and disingenuousness. Once I found out who he is—through only actual public information, mind you, it was his turn to feel it. He’s a bag of crap and if Mike Jamieson can’t see that his friend Ross didn’t just mess up a little, but really spit in the face of democracy, then screw him too. I’d tell both of them exactly that if they ever had the nerve to talk to me. But seeing how Ross acted in the ordeal makes me think he’d stay the hell away. I’ll repeat what I’ve said over and over here: it’s people like Ross that make politics disgusting, and they’re fighting like hell to keep it that way. Why would anyone defend that? If you’re tolerating dirty tricks, then you’re complicit in them. If you defend dirty tricks, you’re a scumbag yourself. (Washoe Democrat Caucus)

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