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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday October 3, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. Anyone who thinks Joey Gilbert was a role model needs to stop doing meth with him.

  • Pho is huge. Don’t look now, but they’re popping up every freaking where. I like to indulge in the Pho myself, but can we knock off the “new restaurant every 19 seconds” craze already? Please? (Twitter)
  • Listen to Alyssa. She already has my ear on one important topic, and now I will be thinking about another. It’s obviously very easy to forget about the troubles people face around the world when we really do have it good here. I forget every day (or never understood to begin with) what people in the poorest countries face. Because of that, I thank the people I’ve come across in life that had experiences abroad in the toughest conditions (including a guy who has had malaria a few times). Also, who can’t get behind something that both Jackie Chan and Dikembe Mutumbo are a part of? (Huffington Post)
  • I think we should brace ourselves. This story is getting really, really big. I’m seeing it pop up on sports boards, blogs, and, obviously, the news itself. I’ve heard the owner didn’t realize he had broken the law. Well, that would be because it’s not a law—it’s a protocol. I don’t think that’s the issue, anyway. Despite what the intentions were, is it possible that you can fly another nation’s flag above the nation in which you reside and not have it signify a political act? That’s really the question, as I see it. I don’t think you can make the case that what he was doing wasn’t political. Yes, I’m U.S. centric. That’s what happens when you’re born here and care, even a little, about nationality. The reaction to the guy taking the U.S. flag will be critical in how this plays out. Let’s hope it’s not too extreme. (Daily Motion)
  • Why did they raid those McDonalds? While I don’t have much of a reason to not believe this, it is coming from The Muth. This would certainly tell us that the reaction by the local Mexican community is either misinformed, disingenuous, or outright inflammatory. If these raids indeed were conducted as part of an ID theft ring, then I can’t possibly understand how anyone can have any amount of sympathy for the people busted. They have screwed with people’s lives, lied, stolen, and also broken a law by definition, so send them away. Acting as if they were innocent parties in this is only going to serve to elevate the issue to a point that bad things can happen. Let’s not do that, shall we? (Muth’s Truths)
  • I really wish I had posted this yesterday. Some of you might remember the Reactionary Hurl recently where I discussed Joey’s fight. At the time, I said this: “The thing I can’t figure out is where he’s going with his career. The dude is not young (in boxing terms). He isn’t really hitting the national scene. I mean, he still is fighting in his hometown, promoting his own fights, and attempting to win titles from boxing organizations nobody has ever heard of.“ Well, now we get a little more insight. In the reading that I’ve done on the issue, I learned that while the superstars such as Barry Bonds used steroids to become über athletes, the real abusers are the marginal talents that are either hanging on to a career or desperately trying to get to that place where the money and fame are huge. Joey is probably the prime example of both. That he risked screwing up his career as a lawyer (and politician, as rumors claim) over it as well just makes him seem dumb. The richest athletes can mask their use by taking the best drugs and using the best masking agents. All things being equal, if you don’t have those things, you’re just better off not taking anything. Only a very serious lapse in judgment could have caused this. (RGJ)
  • If it’s on Fark, then it’s definitely true. Yup, only the comments could ruin a great quote. But that’s a tired argument. We should all be able to say whatever the hell we want with no recourse. That’s America! (Fark)
  • Pics or it didn’t happen. That would have been a sight. Apparently not only did it happen, it’s on video. Serious props to th fine reader who sent me the link. I love the internets. (RGJ)
  • Obama blogger liaison bails. I don’t even care that this happened. What I care about is that candidates have “blogger liaisons” at all. This is yet another tired claim I make that keeps living itself out: bloggers are looked at by candidates as tools to accomplish political goals. And bloggers are more than happy to oblige. “Just pay attention to me and I’ll blow you six ways from Sunday” is the blogger motto. Call me an idealist, but I can’t go along with that. Of course, that could be because I haven’t even gotten a free book to review. I know a guy who got a phone for his blogging. Jerk. (Politico)
  • He didn’t touch the plate. That much should be agreed upon. But nobody is talking about the rainbow Brian Giles threw from right field. A ball hit that shallow and the play should not have been close. Hit the juice, Giles. (ESPN)
  • Finally, dudes now think skateboarding is a viable form of transportation. Actually, this is hardly new. A few years ago a girl I worked with rode longboard to work a few times. I made fun of it. Skateboarding is really hard work. Why wouldn’t someone just ride a bike?When I was a kid I lived on a street that was a decent hill, and I saw this other kid I knew riding his skateboard up it once. Dude looked like he could have gone twice as fast just picking the stupid thing up and walking. Of course, his cool guy over the eyes hair wouldn’t have been as relevant if he had done that. (Huffington Post)

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