Kimberly Bell did what?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday October 9, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. My water now comes in the “lightest plastic bottle ever!” Also, I couldn’t resist using Kimberly Bell in the title.

  • Recycling is not enough. Our favorite paid blogger Emily is representin’ with a post pointing us to some information about recycling and it’s actual effects on the environment. It turns out that while recycling is recognized by a lot of people as a good way to get started, people need to take additional steps to help improve environmental conditions. Not them, you. (Matter)
  • This just in: people aren’t nice in politics. Believe me, everyone is to blame here. Yes, you’re an asshole if you attack a 12-year-old kid personally because he spoke on a platform you happen to want to burn down with all the fury you can muster. On the other hand, did the people who put that kid on the platform think they’d get a pass because it was a kid? If they did, they’re dumber than the attackers. No excuses on either side. I have a 12-year-old (tomorrow) and I know that while there is plenty in that age to attack, and they have drive to do things that make them seem important, they still require a lot of guidance and they need to be saved from themselves, too (Huffington Post)
  • Apparently, Christians are judgmental and don’t like gay people. Forgive my naívete, but isn’t that the point? Maybe I’m wrong, but I always figured that the people running around worried about “Judgment Day” might have some sort of connection to, you know, judgment. Although, I dig the first comment on that story. It’s true. (DailySource)
  • Barry’s mistress talked to, wait for it, Playboy. And she posed, too, if you can believe that. I feel like I would be derelict in my Bonds coverage if I did not at least point you to this link that I did not click. (Deadspin)
  • Las Vegas < Reno. So says Las Vegas columnist. He’s right, you know. (Las Vegas Review Journal)
  • Foul Ball case hits Nevada Supreme Court. Although, it clearly didn’t hit the court as hard as it hit that lady. One of the best things about Vegas is the 51s. They have really cool hats, belong to the Dodgers, and are at least currently located in the state. I think the most amazing thing about this story is that in 2002 Bill Mueller was actually making contact with pitches. (RGJ)
  • I’m new to this, so give me break. But seriously,doesn’t Joe Torre look exactly like that guy. I owe Christy for that one. As we watched His Overratedness walk out to grab a pitcher in the game last night she piped up with “He looks just like that eagle Muppet.” About 30 seconds later we had ourselves a side by side comparison, and decided to roll with it. (Me!)
  • Clinton hires Berger. I hope this will at least make Democrats admit that it’s actually possible for Democrats to be crooked, corrupt hirers of criminals. I doubt I’ll see JWH posting these connections in the RGJ forums, though. (Daily Dish)
  • Doesn’t Google already rule the Internets? I thought so. But now they’re looking to rule the social web as well. I say bravo. Let’s see what they can do. (Scobleizer)
  • It’s always the Fairness Doctrine. I don’t happen to share the total concern that is expressed in this post about Henry Waxman deploying staffers to investigate the Fairness Doctrine in regards to radio hacks. What’s great about this is that when the Republicans ran things, the calls by Democrats to investigate unfairness on the radio was always looked at as sour grapes. They couldn’t win, so they attacked the somewhat democratic way the message was delivered. Now, Democrats have more elected officials in Washington and they still want to get after the radio. Why? It could be two thing. First, they might actually think that it would be good for America to have equal time (despite the absolute guarantee that equal time could never be measured). Or, they could be after power. I personally don’t believe that could ever be the motivation of a politician. (Instapundit)

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