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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 14, 2007.

Celebrities, former celebrities, pop culture, and planes are on my mind today. Major shoutout to Jim for acting as an inspiration to me for this post, and always. Also, where would this blog be without political wannabes? Probably stuck talking about things like freedom and taxes or something equally out of my control and boring.

  • Another crash. That makes three this year and we’re not into the weekend yet. I’m not sure what to even think of that event. I know they stayed safe last year, but that’s a lot of crashes. Is this like NASCAR? Do people dig the crashes? (RGJ)
  • I’m not good at quoting stuff. Other people are. I was told the other day to not become “one of those guys who quotes Entourage." I’m not sure that’s possible because while I might enjoy a movie or show, I tend to forget things from them right after watching. With that said, I do want to pass along how much I love the Reactionary Hurl. I mean, shit, I got into this business so I wouldn’t have to work. (IMDb, like I could remember them)
  • Please be true. Why would I hope that it’s true? Because, simply, it might be the only way to prove the dude has sunk even lower. I once posited to a crowd of people that one of my fascinations is the fall from grace (see: Barry Bonds). It really only counts when it’s a celebrity. Politicians don’t really do it right, and the media that covers them tends to be a little less inclined to just pile on. So I go with actresses and athletes on this one, and The Juice is the king of the mountain when it comes to those falls. While robbing a dude at the Palace Station might not be quite as good as his girl doing coke with Pedro Guerrero, it’s close and only serves to add to the legend. (Huffington Post, every other news outlet in the world)
  • Ah yes, light pollution. I guess it’s simply an artifact of modern life. We’ll never see the stars like people once did. However, you can get damn close by taking a weekend trip to a great town in your own state: Tonopah. (Kottke)
  • Fantastic framing on this post. It’s almost as if the douchebags who ran CobbGobbler will never be able to live it down around here. I’m pretty sure I won’t forget it. Even when one of them graces me with his presence. Eric, you and Ross should share tips on properly searching for yourself. Both of you have a lot to offer in that department. (Dullard Mush)
  • Poor Courtney. I used to consider myself a fan of Courtney Love. Alas, that whole fall from grace and my obsession with it smacked her right across the face over and over and over. I would never top “Planet Flargon” smack, so I won’t try. Remember when she climbed up on the platform to say hello to Madonna during an interview at the MTV awards or the Grammys or something. That was when I lost it for Courtney. She was interrupting Madonna! (Go Fug Yourself)
  • This man does no wrong. Therefore, I also am disappointed with Britney for screwing up her chance to work not just with JT, but also with this decade’s Dr. Dre. Seriously, is it me or is everything Timbaland does brilliant? Even if he rips it from Finnish dudes. Actually, I don’t care. The Euros will not stop me from loving him! (Huffington Post)

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