Meeting other nerds makes for a busy day

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday October 12, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. Venn diagrams are fairly easy to understand. Sometimes. When they’re not too difficult.

  • Yesterday was a busy day for a blogger. First, I spoke at the A2N2 Web 2.0 Power Lunch, which went really well. I got to see Josh Kenzer, and meet Bryan Landaburu and Stu D’Alessandro. Everyone was cool, the topic could have been very frustrating, but wasn’t, and the conversation was great. Good for all of us. Second, I hit up the blogger meetup hosted by Super Realtor-Blogger Diane Cohn and Guy Johnson. They were way cool and we kicked it and talked about blogs, how they’ve helped business, what direction we see them going, and all the rest of the nerd conversation topics. I had a blast and couldn’t get any of my nerdy friends to join me, but they’ll be required next time. Let’s build the network a bit, shall we? Also, they round it up for you here.
  • This about sums up political blog commentary. Is there a rule or law that governs the use of “rolling over in their graves” like there is with calling people Nazis? If not, there should be. (Daring Fireball)
  • One (1) reason to consider Wordpress. I wish I could have this plugin just to say that I have it. (The Daily Whim)
  • Tell the world of your Pho addiction. Someone either reads this blog or surfs Teh Twitterz. Either way, we were a good week ahead of the ArrrrrrrGJ (some people will get that, and it’s really freaking funny) with our take on Pho. It’s still cool if you let them know what you think of it, though. We won’t get mad. (RGJ)
  • First they came for my quotation marks. What’s next? Attempting to extinguish all unnecessary apostrophe’s? (Daring Fireball)
  • See, Rush isn’t all that bad. At the risk of getting totally flamed and having to break out the manual douche bag plugin skills, I offer this article to counter what I said about Rush the other day. If what is in that article is true, then, well, it’s true and everyone bashing Rush has an agenda. That couldn’t possibly be the case, though. (Google News)
  • Hey you, crowdsource some Nevada history. This is quite cool. You can add your stuff to the state archives and it will appear on the map, which could become a killer tool for researchers. How is it that the agency that pulls this off is the one I’d least figure to have any idea about what the future holds? (RGJ)
  • Teach your kids sustainability. Dude, Emily, you might be our favorite paid blogger, but seriously. I can’t stop linking to the posts you write because they actually lead me to really interesting things. My kids are a bit beyond this one, but I know a lot of you have up-and-comers that might benefit from learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Check out the toy. (Matter)
  • In which I link to a post linking to a post by me that links to a video that I like. James Ball noticed the video Ed made calling out Dove’s and Axe’s parent company Unilever. That might be because I emailed it to him. The conversation on the video post is pretty good, even if I too quickly titled and wrote it, leading the entire post to be framed differently than I had wanted. What do you want; it was viral, and I was sick with it. (The Round Up)

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