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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday September 19, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. Because this is my place.

  • Girls need sports. I agree. I wish I could get my daughter more interested in sports other than soccer, but it’s at least something. Two things struck me about this article. Brandi Chastain is known outside of extremely serious soccer fan circles only as that woman who ripped her shirt off after scoring a goal one time. Of course she mentions that in the article. Second, I go the end and realized she was pimping the sale of a DVD about that team. She nailed the self-promotion equivalent of an overtime penalty kick, for sure. (Huffington Post)
  • Easy, Sven. I get that it’s cool among the “progressives” to spend a lot of time hammering on that local reporter/columnist who doesn’t march in lockstep with whatever your current political bent is, but it’s getting old as shit. The Gleaner perfected it around here, and Myrna followed closely. But remember talk radio (it’s that thing Eric Odom is attempting with his podcast, only talk radio is a bit more interactive—hey wait a second)? They did it for a few decades before you guys even became aware that politics matters. Take a step back and let a column go once in a while. (My Silver State)
  • Poor OJ. Dude can’t even steal back his own crap without that grubbing Fred Goldman bitching about it. (That was a joke, I would like Fred Goldman to be able to personally torture OJ. The man deserves something from the scumbag.) (Fark)
  • OJ can go to hell. Seriously, the guy is just a total douche. Has there ever been a celebrity that has reached this level of dickheaditude? I can’t think of one. (Deadspin)
  • Another step closer. Google is making a serious, serious play at the Office suite. I couldn’t be happier—not because I’m not a fan of the Office Suite, but because I am in love with web-based apps and wish I could get more people around me interested. They make so much more sense. (Daring Fireball)
  • Jon Weisman, genius. I know a lot of you—heck, probably all of you, don’t care about the Dodgers, but I do. And this is my Reactionary Hurl. Actually, this piece says more about the state of sports reporting than it does about any particular baseball team. The fact that the guys propped in the article are not the guys carrying the team at this point should make it obvious that sportswriters tend to not just delve in, but live in clíches. It’s painful to read most of the time, but that stupid adherence to the narrative and the “rule” that news must play out like that is even more tired than Sven’s attack on Jon Ralston. (Dodger Thoughts)
  • Help Mark Ecko throw his money into McCovey Cove, errr, make history, or something. While we’re on baseball, I figured I should show people who have been subjected to my screeds against steroids in general, and Barry Bonds in particular, the way they can either agree with me or tell me to shove it, however minor a role your decision will play in the grand scheme of things. Some dude bought the record-breaking ball for 50% above the “estimated” bid (who the hell estimates that? When that one place offered $1 mil only to retract that due to safety concerns by MLB, you had to know the ball wouldn’t go for anywhere near $500k) wants to know what we all think should be done with the ball. The sad thing is that he has an option for branding the ball on there. For as much as I’ve said on the subject, I can’t go with that. That seems so disrespectful to the game, and I don’t even know why I just said that. I voted for giving it to the Hall. It’s the only thing to do here. (RGJ)
  • Like this will ever happen. Even with a solid blood test, there is no way in hell baseball implements it. 1) They’ll drag their feet and we’ll forget. 2) The player’s union is the most powerful union not just in sports, but probably the world. Just look at their history. As a baseball fan, I could only dream that one day the game will be pure.
  • Try not to think about this one. Carny sex in a moving vehicle causing a crash that goes unreported in Moscow, freaking Idaho. Good God. (RGJ)
  • Gotta love the viral thing. What self-respecting blogger (especially one who wants the easy way out) would post this week and not mention the tasered guy in Florida. I have two questions. First, for the people who excuse John Kerry from any blame in the matter, would you do the same for a Republican? I ask because when these guys come to town, they help set up guidelines for security. So the campus cop who administered the tasering probably had some set of things to watch for, and that set of things were based, at least partly, on instructions from Kerry’s people. Had it been a Republican speaking, it’s likely that his or her condemnation of the incident would not have alleviated them of any guilt in your minds, much less all guilt. But that’s only one reason why discourse is so fucked up these days. Second, did everyone suddenly forget where this happened? Isn’t Florida, like, the most taser-happy state in the union by an order of magnitude, or something? (Google News)
  • Finally, this. Yeah, I’m doing that. Is this what happens when you leave the comfort and security of graduate school for the financial windfall that hits you when you get a job?

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