Nevada: refreshingly green

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday October 23, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. Who will replace the great RINOHunter?

  • Eric Odom skips town. Man, it’s just a cornucopia of people-bashing here the past week, but there hasn’t been as rich of an opportunity to turn this place into it recently, so you have to take what they give you. Half of the “brains” behind the Cobb Gobbler is on his way out of town following the smashing success of his conference where I saw at least a third of the room had filled up to watch a presidential candidate speak. I’m curious: does anyone know how many people voted in the straw poll that the CLC/Blogging Man/Rightoberfest held? That would give us a good indication of how “successful” the conference was. (Eric Odom)
  • Marcel has a blog! And in that link, he actually talks about the business side of news—the research that goes into it and how the ArrrrrGJ produces it to fit what its readers are looking for. Good for him to let us have a look at what goes into the daily grind. Keep posting. (Burroland)
  • I have a prediction. No link, just a prediction. There is no way anyone in their right mind could say the Red Sox are not going to win the World Series. Rockies in five. Five, baby! (Me!)
  • Steal a base, steal a taco. Speaking of baseball, as soon as someone steals a base in he World Series (it might not happen, actually) Taco Bell will announce a Tuesday when we can all walk in and get a free crunchy taco. My prediction: Rockies in five, baby! (Digg)
  • Nevada: greenish. Not bad for a state that people constantly bitch about being low on all the good lists and high on the bad ones or whatever the right way to say it is. Nevada is the 17th greenest state. In case you were wondering: “we ranked each state in six equally weighted categories: carbon footprint, air quality, water quality, hazardous waste management, policy initiatives and energy consumption.“ (Forbes)
  • Pumpkin brewing! Now this is cool. Really cool. I would have been scared to do my brewing in anything other than stainless and the buckets because I was always afraid of losing a batch of the precious nectar, but props to this dude who went Halloween crazy. (Boing Boing)
  • So this is why some people love SEC football so much, eh? You know who you are. I can’t imagine this kind of thing going on anywhere but the South, but maybe I’m a little out of touch. Wait, D.C., too (Deadspin)
  • I just don’t know what to say about this guy. He was given the position as “fan columnist” or some similar title, but each week it’s just a short manifesto on what is going wrong with the Wolf Pack football season. There are definitely things wrong, but I know that every Monday morning when I see his column appear I’ll be treated to why he thinks things are bad or, at best, not good. I don’t know who to blame for this. Maybe the paper should be blamed for asking for fans to apply, then picking this guy. Maybe the fans should be blamed for not stepping up and offering themselves. Maybe he should be blamed for having a chip on his shoulder. The problem for the ArrrrrGJ is that it looks bad on them that their best attempt to engage fans of the Pack results in this dude who has a problem with the coaching getting to take his shots every Monday. I don’t know how other towns cover their local college football teams (other than LA and USC, which tends to be favorably), but there has to be a better option as a “fan” than this guy. (RGJ)
  • I told OurTahoe to go, and it went. In a previous Reactionary Hurl I mentioned that OurTahoe had been nominated for an Online News Association award. It won. The true hero behind it was Kevin Reynen, who built everything on the backend and really had some interesting thoughts on where it should take us. (RGJ)

As is always the case with the Reactionary Hurl, I suggest you read the initial installment so you don’t take anything too seriously.

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